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March 03 2014


Plastic Banners For Advertising

ReaddleDocs for iPad: ReaddleDocs for iPad is better application for studying various kinds of report formats. Additionally, it has additional features including keeping parts and docs to be viewed later. The applying is normally used to capture records from any kind of unit possible which includes email connection, camera, notebooks, websites and on-line storage devices. You're able so they they can be viewed by you offline any moment you like to save all record files to your iPad.

Monopoly - Here and http://emanuelkxyc.soup.io/post/397448356/Google-Opens-Doorways-To-Chromecast-App-Development Now: Monopoly - Here and Now has 22 new properties which can be listed at up-to-time mobile apps property prices. This game features new tokens to pick from. Much like original Monopoly, the item of the overall game is to drive all other adversaries to-go bankrupt and to truly have the many properties.

Many organizations are willing to enable you pay your insurance premiums in monthly installment, but you've to pay service-fee. Some businesses offer free charge mobile monetization should you accept a computerized monthly electronic payment, however.

Shape Shifter: In Shape Shifter, you must race contrary to the clock to place shapes inside the slots they fit in. Your set of useful shapes reaches the underside of the monitor, and you place them within their respective locations within the four bars above.

Ever since Apple used around $300 million obtaining Quattro Wireless in January rumors have already been traveling as to what Apple could be performing with it. Get Quattro, currently a worldwide marketing chief for mobile advertising,include the an incredible number of devices of iPods, iPhones, and iPads which have and are now being bought andit's obvious how Apple can easily turn into a main participant within the mobile advertisement market.Basically, they justcreated their own marketplace.

Within the same approach to shock us, Disposable cell Phones' is there in the market. Those that desire a temporary setting of interaction may pick disposable mobile-phone. It is convenient to carry and light-calculated. It works on almost every available support system. These cellular phones are generally used to create calls.

This app is certainly excellent if you should be continually need to update something or even to get tweetis improvements all on your own Twitter bill. Twitterrific is actually simple for you to use to browse tweets, follow/us-follow/ block Facebook users, filter schedule for unique tweet styles & forms, and more attributes you may enjoy. It's simply ideal for the dimensions of an iPad.

February 18 2014


Apple's Share Of Cellular Phone Industry Gains Gets A Boost

Apple and Samsung's share of the's gain exceed 100%,

Since many different companies are losing money. Together, they account for about 120% of the's earnings. No supplier beyond Apple and Samsung has built any important development at snapping up a solid sliver of this lucrative marketplace. 3. Apple is whipping Samsung where it counts. With Samsung sales for one other piece of market gains, the South Korea-based corporation is clearly Apple's greatest threat. Thankfully for Apple investors, the data suggests that Samsung is not attaining on Apple's share of gains. Samsung may be gaining share at Apple's purchase in smartphone shipments, however it's losing share of sector profits. Samsung had a 32.2% share of the's earnings, last year. In the fourth quarter of 2013, that number dropped to 26.1%. Market share is available in other styles than deliveries Certain, shipping market share things. But it's only one strategy to take a look at items. Buyers should also contemplate smartphone companies' share of internet application and industry gains to acquire a better concept of the aggressive environment. Apple's continued dominance in mobile phone business earnings is excellent news for people. At the end of your day, it will take deliveries andearnings to construct a business.

February 07 2014


Google Opens Doorways To Chromecast App Development

A link has-been sent to your buddy's current email address. Join the country's Conversation Watch viewer efforts and increase your own associated with this narrative. Add Videos or PhotosBe first to contribute Sign in today to fairly share your account. Sign in with FacebookSign in with Google+ Be first to contribute You've offered effectively to: Google opens gates to Chromecast app improvement Cheers! Check out your photography or movie now, and try to find it in USA TODAY online, mobile, and produce editions. Your submission didnt proceed through. Please attempt again. Verifying your credentials... We're encountering several specialized concerns. Try again By posting you agree to our Terms of Service Your Take efforts have not been analyzed for accuracy by USA TODAY.

January 07 2014


D.C. area forecast: Icebox today, coldest since 1996; then gradual moderation to a warmer weekend

area are usually among regarding -2 F as well as 10 F, with wind chills between -5 along with -20. Confidence: Medium
Friday could find several lingering mixed precipitation within the morning changing to always be able to light rain when it hangs about long enough (40% chance), nevertheless this method seems very moisture-starved at the existing time. location wind chills. Thursday night could notice some light precipitation late as a mix regarding sorts (snow/sleet/rain). Confidence: Medium-High
(Note these temperatures are generally subject for you to user/measurement error)

8:00 a.m. update: With 7 a.m., temperatures held steady from Reagan National along with BWI at 7 as well as three degrees respectively (wind chills had been -9 and -16). update: generally speaking, air temperatures round the D.C. Reagan National Airport ended up being 7 degrees, the coldest lower temperature in Washington, D.C. Lows range via 5-14 (suburbs-city). It's nonetheless 7 from Reagan National Airport (for the third straight hour) with a wind chill of -9. It's remarkably cold all through the Lower 48.
-- NWS DC/Baltimore (@NWS_BaltWash) January 7, 2014
Temperature Map
In sum, temperatures ranged from concerning -2 to 7 in the D.C. Confidence: Medium-High
Temperatures with 7 a.m. Winds are usually generally sustained with 10-16 mph, and gusting to become able to 20-25 mph around the region.<br><br><img alt=
Temperatures: Newest D.C. Discover more maps upon our Weather Wall.

Note: We have no official temperatures at Dulles because associated with an equipment error according towards the National Weather Service.


The weekend can be trending a new bit wetter as regarding this writing, however at least it is actually also trending warmer. Highs: 25-30.

Temperatures from 7 a.m. and my car thermometer study 4 degrees. Dulles, interestingly, was obviously a tad warmer, from 9 degrees, plus a wind chill regarding -5. region temperature map. since 1996 (when it hit 5), with a wind chill associated with -10. CT) (Oklahoma Mesonet)" src="http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/files/2014/01/wind-chills-2013.png" width="770" height="440">

A daily assessment regarding the likelihood of at least ~1? of snow in the subsequent week, on the 0-10 scale.


Va.: Herndon: -2, Round Hill -1, Arlington 5 and 0.5 (two different reports), Leesburg -1, Strasburg -5,Sterling 1, Gainesville 5, Falls Church 2, Bristow 3.3, Manassas 2.3, Centreville 1.9, Purcellville 0, Fair Lakes 6.6, Dunn Loring 4.7, Clarendon 6, Alexandria 7, McLean 2, Burke 3, Fairfax 2, Broad Operate 2, Vienna 3
Teens extend practically all the means to the Gulf Coast, with subzero readings covering a huge section involving the Upper Midwest, Ohio Valley, as well as Northeast. Sub-zero wind chills extend into Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and also South Carolina.
-- Paul Crumlish (@paulcrumlish) January 7, 2014

DC: Friendship Heights 4, -0.2 Chevy Case circle (DC/MD),Columbia Heights 4, Adams Morgan 5, Chinatown 4 (roof top)
Express Forecast. BWI Airport was only three degrees, an archive reduced for the date, shattering the particular prior record of 8 through 1988. Confidence: Medium

0It will feel a whole lot worse than zero this morning using a really nasty wind chill

*** Scroll listed below for your full forecast by means of the weekend ***

6:30 a.m. Dulles is at 9 (with any wind chill associated with -4). Mostly cloudy skies nearly all of the afternoon together with highs inside the lower 40s. Sunday sees several clearing skies as temperatures remain fairly comfortable regarding January amounts (upper 40s to become able to low 50s). Cloudy skies along with showers are more likely Saturday, specifically through afternoon in to evening as a storm system as well as associated front arrive. Jason, CWG

Thursday continues our modest moderation inside temperatures using highs ranging by means of the actual 30s (this ought to always be able to be the first time above freezing for the vast majority of spots since Monday evening!) below partly for you to mostly cloudy skies. From least we acquire sunny skies today, nevertheless temperatures help to make small headway along with highs ranging mainly from your low for you to center teens. (6 a.m. Dulles' 6-hour temperature statement signifies it dropped as reduced as 7, a fresh record low for the date (beating 8 coming from 1988).

D.C. We are troubleshooting and also looking at further data to be able to figure out final official high/low temp.
1 (?) light stuff late Thursday looks weak if from all

A somewhat subjective ranking with the day's weather, on a scale of one for you to 10.

Md.: Silver Spring -0.4, Gaithersburg 2, Poolesville 1.1, Montgomery Village -1, Westminster -4, -1 Germantown, Takoma Park 7, Kensington -2, Greenbelt 3, Rockville 1, Frederick 2, Laurel 4, North Bethesda 1, Hollwood 6, Ellicott city 2.5, Annapolis 7
Wind Chill Map

@capitalweather the wee bit chilly together with Bull Operate Mountain #vawx pic.twitter.com/MNpLJ0kv36
A powerfully painful arctic air mass cuts via our region today because the ballyhooed polar vortex passes through to end up being able to our north early this morning. Gridlock.
Snow Prospective Index
7:30 a.m. Really mild winds start coming in the south late inside the day. (6 a.m. Highs: 11-17.
Tonight: clear and incredibly cold. Highs return to the 30s to near 40 in Thursday with 40s on Friday and 50s for you to even perhaps 60 this weekend. update: I just took a drive about northwest D.C. The Majority Of places won't allow it for you to be however as highs ought to range just from 25-30F. From 4 a.m., it moved eight degrees, tying a record coming from 1988. (Oklahoma Mesonet)

I asked visitors round the region for their own lower temps (some are generally "waking up" temps, and never necessarily lows) and also this is a sampling:

Today: Bitterly cold and also windy. Remarkably, Dulles Airport - which ended up reporting readings among 7 and ten degrees by means of eight a.m., plunged in order to three degrees from 9 a.m., shattering the particular record for the date (8 through 1996).National Airport as well as BWI were up a new couple degrees to 5 and also 9 respectively.Winds are generally relaxing the bit, however wind chills are usually even now in between -7 and -14. This may most likely set records for coldest high temperatures in this date. update: In 6 a.m.. CT) across U.S. Lows in the upper 20s for you to lower 30s. location forecast: Icebox today, coldest since 1996; then gradual moderation into a warmer weekend
Today's Day-to-day Digit
** related info: Closings along with delays | staying safe within the cold | How the actual cold might rank in your area | Polar vortex along with climate adjust | live weblog on cold **
Here's one of our colder local readings:
Wind chills in 7 a.m. Notice interactive map about our Weather Wall.

10:15 a.m. Highs range via the particular upper 50s to become able to even around 60F. BWI will be stuck with 3 (with any wind chill regarding -10). update: Your sun is approaching but temperatures aren't budging. update: Crowd-sourcing reduced temps!At the actual airports, the lows in Reagan National and BWI had been 7 (coldest since 1996) along with three (record low), respectively. area, with some colder readings in order to around -5 well north along with west involving town.

9:05 a.m. Your mixture of really low temperatures as well as windy circumstances means extremely unpleasant weather today, quite hazardous to any person exposed to it with an extended period. CT) across U.S." src="http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/files/2014/01/latest.tair_.png" width="770" height="440">

Wind chills: Most Recent D.C. Fauquier, Loudoun, and also Frederick counties **
Tonight: Mostly clear and cold again, however the good news is the fact that the particular winds gradually die right down to rid ourselves of the wind chill factor. Preserve studying for your forecast through your weekend...
Tomorrow night: Partly cloudy and significantly less cold together with lows inside the upper adolescents for you to reduced 20s mainly. The Particular 7 degrees will be two higher than your record lower for your date from 1884. CT) (Oklahoma Mesonet)

** Wind chill advisory immediate area by means of this evening | Wind chill warning regarding N. The Particular National Weather Services within Sterling, which could be throughout Dulles' backyard, reported any temperature regarding one degree.
For related targeted traffic news, examine out Dr. Its wind chill was -16. Confidence: Medium-High

While cold tonight and also tomorrow, temperatures a minimum of gradually trend warmer and winds die down. Lows Saturday night dip only to the upper 30s to end up being able to lower 40s. Confidence: High

7:00 a.m. that observation seems suspect. Dulles bumped approximately 10 degrees. These Days (Tuesday): Super-chilled air greets us this morning together with single digit lows together with 15-25 mph winds from your west (gusts over 30 mph), causing morning rush hour wind chills well beneath zero (-10 to -25). Wind chills might edge over zero through the afternoon, but just barely. (6 a.m. Lows: 5-15.

Tomorrow (Wednesday): Sunny skies in the morning and also partly cloudy skies inside the afternoon as temperatures create a stronger try toward the particular freezing line. Precisely what any bounce!
Malfunction associated with temp equipment with Dulles. (6 a.m. Opportunity involving precipitation is just 30%. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy, cold

Tea Party Republicans Win Daily Kos Poll...to Choose Worst Racists of 2013

First runner-up ended up being Rush Limbaugh, at 19 percent, with Fox news Channel finishing third at 17 percent.

In late December, Every Day Kos featured writer Denise Oliver Velez inquired your ex readers to select "the group or individual whose words and/or deeds [in 2013] very best exemplified bigotry as well as the active effort to be able to suppress and oppress folks of color in the United States, inside the method exemplified from the Ku Klux Klan."
No real surprise here.

Regarding the particular tea-partiers' triumph, Oliver Velez opined:

Tea Party Republicans Earn Day-to-day Kos Poll...to choose Worst Racists associated with 2013 | NewsBusters
In Oliver Velez's original post, the girl listed fourteen nominees in which also included George Zimmerman, Ted Cruz, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, along with country singer-songwriter Brad Paisley (because of his song "Accidental Racist"). the particular GOP's Tea Party wing, which received 23 percent.

On Sunday, Oliver Velez reported that well more than 9,000 votes had been cast within the poll, and also the winner was... readers furthermore could select "other" then specify the actual supposed racist(s) within the remarks section.
Teapublicans tend to be equal chance haters. throughout reconstruction and in to end up being able to the civil legal rights era, the particular teahadists amongst us as well as these they will elect to end up being able to office are usually as much as well as more of your terrorist threat to always be able to our nation as compared to virtually any outside forces...

. They, along with those who fund them--like the Koch Brothers--are truly an American Taliban, and simply like the KKK unleashed any reign involving terror within the U.S

December 22 2013


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December 11 2013


Tutorials - android-scripting - Tutorials and examples for using SL4A. - Scripting Layer for Android brings scripting languages to Android. - Google Project Hosting

Shows a person your nearest bus stops for you to your neighborhood area along with "live" departure occasions with regard to buses at this stop. - Google Project Hosting
Tutorials along with examples for utilizing SL4A. https://github.com/BerndBattes/achart Hariharan Srinath offers produced a new Complete Screen Event Wrapper to make utilisation regarding the fullScreenUI electrocoder provides published some python tutorials with regard to android, inside Turkish: http://pythontr.org/android/sjb contiributes this: http://ottaky.com/sl4a/bus_ui_sl4a.py. Bernd Battes has caused it to be able to be possible to utilize the subset associated with AChartEnginewith SL4a.
Scripting Layer regarding Android brings scripting languages in order to Android. Constructing an apk together with windows vista and eclipse. Quickly upload images to imgur Android on irc Implement an irc bot upon Android Sqlite, couchdb as well as sparql tutorial. Send Chuck Norris jokes for your friends. Cataloging CD/DVD collection straight into an database using telephone here.. Notice also here. http://www.students.ncl.ac.uk/tom.holderness/PostGISDroid.php Saving the Android location to a PostGIS database. Makes Use Of the particular Twisted library. Reveal URLs out associated with your phone together with your desktop Locale such as rule engine throughout ASE, developed in python Showing progress dialogs Talking weather forecast Collectible minifig barcode scanner regarding Android Android, ASE along with rsync Spot based SMS JRuby along with ASE Status notifier for Stack Overflow Ankimini on Android Crack Thomson Speedtouch WPA Develop a new Talking Calendar using GoogleCL as well as Android Scripting Environment Utilizing the particular Android Scripting Environment to locate out if a novel can be inside the Library Geostatus Providing native Android C apps access towards the Android API through SL4A Baked beans or dogfood? find out, along with talking barcodes turn your current Android Telephone Directly Into a new Remote Spy Camera using Ruby within 15 Minutes Android Scripting Together With Python Automating your Android Telephone along with SL4A PHP on Android: Operate SL4A + PHP within Android Emulator by approach of Eclipse Sending Encrypted SMS How to install Python and also Boto upon an Android 2.2 telephone then use Boto for you to Launch an AWS Cloud EC2 Instance Android Python Timelapse Crash Recorder as well as using Flickr uploading using SL4A along with Tasker Spanish tutorials Voice driven knowledge base How to be able to Launch SL4A scripts via App Inventor How to construct external python modules A Quantity Of Ui examples: Dialogs, Lists and Menus. http://sourceforge.net/p/androwget The straightforward source downloader designed in Python. Logging the accelerometer in order to GoogleDocs: a excellent instance of how teachers as well as students could use sl4a within schools Flip your own phone into a spycam.

If you have a tutorial or illustration to always be able to add, please let's realize around the SL4A dialogue group. The Voice Activated Servo. Monitor 100 pushups/situps/squats Internet form to become able to TTS Installing ASE on the Android emulator Access sensors in the web Perl examples using the Google Analytics API Installing and using Python using USB serial from Python Utilizing scripts to bridge conceptual gaps during app development a framework pertaining to HTTP applets to become implemented, served, along with developed about the telephone itself Twitter as well as Python LibraryThing integration Google Item search Tweaked speak.py Android/ASE powered robot Trigger silent mode at night Operate the actual oplop stateless password generator/manager. Making an android app by utilizing an Ubuntu Platform with android SDK and also Google's Python Android scripting. -
Tutorials -
android-scripting -
Writing an Android Twitter Client with Python Android barcode scanner within six lines of Python code Android scripting for entertainment as well as gain (books as well as barcode scanner) Making Use Of ASE via Debian RIAA Barcode Checker on Android Hello, World! Monitor in which you go! Lua trial and python scripts to trace your own location. It's the Python script to activate together with transport pertaining to London's "countdown" service. Beanshell demo - calculates MD5 and SHA1 hashes. CodeStructure - a rough manual for the structure involving SL4A

November 14 2013


The Best Thing About Android Just Got Even Better

But if theres one thing that is perhaps most impressive and most useful about Googles mobile operating system, its arguably Google Now and it just got a whole lot better. Google announced on its Google+ page on Wednesday evening that it has enhanced the service with the addition of three new card types:news topics, website updates and what to watch. If youre a fan of a particular blog, the Website update card can bring you things like the latest post so youll never miss a story, and the News topic card brings you fresh articles from the web on topics you care about, Googles Android team wrote. The What to watch card gives you Movie and TV recommendations when youre staying in. The post continued, There are a few other great additions in Google Now with todays update: you can see traffic incidents on your commute using real-time data from Waze, set repeat reminders, get real time scores for rugby teams, and also see when your packages are ready for in-store pickup. Google Now, for those unaware, is an intelligent personal assistant solution that provides users with information they need before they even think to ask for it. For instance, if there is a shipping confirmation in your Gmail account with a tracking number, Google Now will show you a card with delivery information. If there is an appointment in your calendar across town, Google Now will alert you when you need to leave, taking your route and traffic into account.

November 05 2013


Apple's 'ios In The Car' Will Be Top Car Infotainment System By 2018

The iOS in the Car user interface, expected out next year, links Apple's iOS 7 mobile operating system with vehicle infotainment systems to provide an optimized interface for messaging, navigation and music via a smartphone. When iOS in the Car was unveiled earlier this year at the Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the 2014 launch will be "very, very important" and a "key focus" for the company going forward. During the unveiling, Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, displayed a slide with a dozen automaker monikers, including Honda/Acura, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan/Infiniti, Ferrari, Chevrolet/Opel, Kia, Hyundai, Volvo and Jaguar. Cue, whose Apple business unit oversees iTunes, iCloud, the App Store, iMessages, Siri and Maps, said each of those automakers plan to add iOS integration next year. An ABI Research report released yesterday forecasts that shipments of connected in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems equipped with one or more smartphone integration technologies will grow substantially worldwide during the next five years, reaching 35.1 million units by 2018. Of those, 43.6% will be equipped with MirrorLink, 49.8% with "iOS in the Car," and 28.2% with other technologies, ABI said. "Apple seems to have a plan to roll out this pretty aggressively in 2014. So that's one of the main assumptions behind this," said Gareth Owen, principal analyst at ABI Research. MirrorLink is a mobile device to IVI interoperability standard being pushed by the Car Connectivity Consortium, a group whose members represent more than 80% of the world's auto market, and more than 70% of the global smartphone market. Smartphone capability advances have dramatically changed consumers' in-car expectations.

October 28 2013


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