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Tutorials - android-scripting - Tutorials and examples for using SL4A. - Scripting Layer for Android brings scripting languages to Android. - Google Project Hosting

Shows a person your nearest bus stops for you to your neighborhood area along with "live" departure occasions with regard to buses at this stop. - Google Project Hosting
Tutorials along with examples for utilizing SL4A. https://github.com/BerndBattes/achart Hariharan Srinath offers produced a new Complete Screen Event Wrapper to make utilisation regarding the fullScreenUI electrocoder provides published some python tutorials with regard to android, inside Turkish: http://pythontr.org/android/sjb contiributes this: http://ottaky.com/sl4a/bus_ui_sl4a.py. Bernd Battes has caused it to be able to be possible to utilize the subset associated with AChartEnginewith SL4a.
Scripting Layer regarding Android brings scripting languages in order to Android. Constructing an apk together with windows vista and eclipse. Quickly upload images to imgur Android on irc Implement an irc bot upon Android Sqlite, couchdb as well as sparql tutorial. Send Chuck Norris jokes for your friends. Cataloging CD/DVD collection straight into an database using telephone here.. Notice also here. http://www.students.ncl.ac.uk/tom.holderness/PostGISDroid.php Saving the Android location to a PostGIS database. Makes Use Of the particular Twisted library. Reveal URLs out associated with your phone together with your desktop Locale such as rule engine throughout ASE, developed in python Showing progress dialogs Talking weather forecast Collectible minifig barcode scanner regarding Android Android, ASE along with rsync Spot based SMS JRuby along with ASE Status notifier for Stack Overflow Ankimini on Android Crack Thomson Speedtouch WPA Develop a new Talking Calendar using GoogleCL as well as Android Scripting Environment Utilizing the particular Android Scripting Environment to locate out if a novel can be inside the Library Geostatus Providing native Android C apps access towards the Android API through SL4A Baked beans or dogfood? find out, along with talking barcodes turn your current Android Telephone Directly Into a new Remote Spy Camera using Ruby within 15 Minutes Android Scripting Together With Python Automating your Android Telephone along with SL4A PHP on Android: Operate SL4A + PHP within Android Emulator by approach of Eclipse Sending Encrypted SMS How to install Python and also Boto upon an Android 2.2 telephone then use Boto for you to Launch an AWS Cloud EC2 Instance Android Python Timelapse Crash Recorder as well as using Flickr uploading using SL4A along with Tasker Spanish tutorials Voice driven knowledge base How to be able to Launch SL4A scripts via App Inventor How to construct external python modules A Quantity Of Ui examples: Dialogs, Lists and Menus. http://sourceforge.net/p/androwget The straightforward source downloader designed in Python. Logging the accelerometer in order to GoogleDocs: a excellent instance of how teachers as well as students could use sl4a within schools Flip your own phone into a spycam.

If you have a tutorial or illustration to always be able to add, please let's realize around the SL4A dialogue group. The Voice Activated Servo. Monitor 100 pushups/situps/squats Internet form to become able to TTS Installing ASE on the Android emulator Access sensors in the web Perl examples using the Google Analytics API Installing and using Python using USB serial from Python Utilizing scripts to bridge conceptual gaps during app development a framework pertaining to HTTP applets to become implemented, served, along with developed about the telephone itself Twitter as well as Python LibraryThing integration Google Item search Tweaked speak.py Android/ASE powered robot Trigger silent mode at night Operate the actual oplop stateless password generator/manager. Making an android app by utilizing an Ubuntu Platform with android SDK and also Google's Python Android scripting. -
Tutorials -
android-scripting -
Writing an Android Twitter Client with Python Android barcode scanner within six lines of Python code Android scripting for entertainment as well as gain (books as well as barcode scanner) Making Use Of ASE via Debian RIAA Barcode Checker on Android Hello, World! Monitor in which you go! Lua trial and python scripts to trace your own location. It's the Python script to activate together with transport pertaining to London's "countdown" service. Beanshell demo - calculates MD5 and SHA1 hashes. CodeStructure - a rough manual for the structure involving SL4A

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