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Tea Party Republicans Win Daily Kos Poll...to Choose Worst Racists of 2013

First runner-up ended up being Rush Limbaugh, at 19 percent, with Fox news Channel finishing third at 17 percent.

In late December, Every Day Kos featured writer Denise Oliver Velez inquired your ex readers to select "the group or individual whose words and/or deeds [in 2013] very best exemplified bigotry as well as the active effort to be able to suppress and oppress folks of color in the United States, inside the method exemplified from the Ku Klux Klan."
No real surprise here.

Regarding the particular tea-partiers' triumph, Oliver Velez opined:

Tea Party Republicans Earn Day-to-day Kos Poll...to choose Worst Racists associated with 2013 | NewsBusters
In Oliver Velez's original post, the girl listed fourteen nominees in which also included George Zimmerman, Ted Cruz, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, along with country singer-songwriter Brad Paisley (because of his song "Accidental Racist"). the particular GOP's Tea Party wing, which received 23 percent.

On Sunday, Oliver Velez reported that well more than 9,000 votes had been cast within the poll, and also the winner was... readers furthermore could select "other" then specify the actual supposed racist(s) within the remarks section.
Teapublicans tend to be equal chance haters. throughout reconstruction and in to end up being able to the civil legal rights era, the particular teahadists amongst us as well as these they will elect to end up being able to office are usually as much as well as more of your terrorist threat to always be able to our nation as compared to virtually any outside forces...

. They, along with those who fund them--like the Koch Brothers--are truly an American Taliban, and simply like the KKK unleashed any reign involving terror within the U.S

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